Many companies now using VR for staff training

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Virtual reality companies have been employing a variety of options in Virtual Reality apps to present an enhanced user experience. Virtual Reality has become the most common part of our everyday life.

With the arrival of Google, glass companies are working more dedicatedly towards building more versatile and easy to use an app with multiple features. It’s a connecting medium between print and advertising media.

A few years back Virtual Reality was in the realm of science fiction, but now it has knocked all the corners of the world.

Nowadays people are heading towards the digital technology; a large section of the population has a smartphone in their hand. With the innovations in mobile phones and increasing interest in the mobile phone has led Virtual Reality companies to develop more and more apps to attract customers and create more engagement.

Top virtual reality software developers are working for retailers and brands to build extraordinary Virtual Reality mobile apps. Recently Nokia has employed an amazing app into Windows 8, with the name of JobLens, which helps the candidates to find jobs in their locality. Along with job vacancy, the app can also display the other important information such as salary, company profile and job role.

Companies using virtual reality must have a team of highly qualified software professionals. In the present scenario, more and more companies have been employing the Virtual technology. In this trend, a new name has been added of a courier company named Blackbay and HIT Lab NZ. The company has employed Virtual Reality in the mobile phone to help in delivering the best courier and postal service to make quick deliveries. The GPS system incorporated in the mobile phones have made postal services quicker and easier.

To run the Virtual reality app both hardware and sensor are important. Sensors work on the image recognition facilities to present 3D model view of an object with detailed information. As reported in Cisco survey that by 2018, mobile traffic will be headed by videos.

The technology is on the verge of becoming a real business for a marketer. The leading I.T Company, Intel has invested $14 million into a Dutch company, Layar. The company has been further working on integrating Virtual Reality on its chips.

The technology has a long way to go with more innovations and easier operation. It is the latest technology adopted by many companies. Since the advertising virtual reality companies are targeting AR technology to create interesting stories and attract customers. It’s an integral media in creating brand awareness and customer’s engagement.