How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, with an estimated 800 million users. This popularity has piqued the interest of businesses, who have subsequently created their own Instagram accounts as marketing tools. Whether you want to grow your business, or if you even want to gain followers for your own personal account, read on. One of the most obvious ways which really goes without saying is that you must post regularly on Instagram. The frequency of your posts will be directly correlated to both the likes and followers you will gain. This is backed up by a study which has stated that accounts which tended to post at least once a day are more likely to gain followers than those who post less than this. This is imperative especially if your account is business-based.

Sometimes just simple posts may not be enough. Instagram has evolved beyond photo-sharing, given the emergence of features such as stories and live videos. Instagram stories is now a heavily used feature as it makes your profile appear at the top of the stories feed. Also, posting a video bears a higher chance of engagement with other users than photos. More engagement means more followers.

In terms of growing your following, another powerful tool at your disposal is the use of the hashtag. Use of the right hashtag can show your image or video to a very large and specific audience. For example, if you post a picture of your favourite food like spinach, simply hash tagging the word spinach will put your picture out under all posts related to spinach, so other spinach lovers will see your post, realise that you are a spinach lover like them, and they will visit your Instagram profile and more than likely follow it.

Thus, this shows the effect a simple hashtag can have for your account. The timing of your Instagram posts is also of utmost importance. If you are to post at the right time, there is a much higher chance that the post can be seen and engaged with, raising the profile of your account, and hence making it more likely for you to get followers.

A less common, but nonetheless impactful method of getting more followers is to upload a contest post. For example, you could put up a post asking your followers to comment with their favourite time of day and can get them to tag a friend to join in the fun. This way, you can reach profiles you previously wouldn’t have been able to and if they choose to like and comment on the post, it is likely they will also choose to follow your account.

Finally, it can also be of great benefit for you to cross-post and share on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This will ensure even further exposure of your Instagram posts, getting people curious to visit your profile, and if they like what they see, follow you, with the build-up of being Followed an exciting prospect for anyone.

All in all, there are a wealth of ways in which you can enhance your Instagram following, and most interestingly, these are methods you can implement right away and start growing a massive Instagram following from the word go.