How did Estonia become a leader in technology?

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Estonia perhaps is a country about which most of us do not have much information. The tiny estate is situated in northern Europe facing sea at its one bank. There are not more than one and a half million people living there. However, this small country is known for its significant steps in the digital advancements. Today, Estonia is an excellent success story of modernization. Their efforts for active and objective integration of technology in the matters of daily life has made them an inspiration to others. You may find it weird, but it is a fact that it’s Estonia where people were allowed for casting their votes employing electronic devices almost a decade ago! Today I have decided to shed some light on the ways by using which this small country achieved such a big target!

It is the Choice of People Living There
Any difficult to make thing can be managed easily with having a like-minded population. In fact, Estonians likes the way they are living. They, literally seems kind of “pledged” for the achievement of this goal. Well, a government cannot even think about proceeding against something their citizens like. Thus, first and foremost important factor to mention here is the Estonian people`s interest and curiosity that helped them in taking right steps in the right directions.

Technology Friendly Policies
I firmly believe that an individual or a group of persons cannot bring a significant change in society through their struggle and actions. It is a responsibility of any government to develop policies. Estonian government performed very well in this aspect. After setting individual goals and with having all the weight of their citizens in their pans Estonian authorities started with developing a technology friendly policy. Today, it is not my topic to go into the details of their policies and its most impressive points. However, you can quickly read about it elsewhere.

Fueling Innovations
A mere idea cannot be utilized for anything practical and active. In fact, change or a good idea can be considered as a baby of the mind. Such an idea or let’s say a “toddler” needs a lot of excellent foods and attention for the entire transition period till the time when it can stand on it is on foot. Estonian government did something great in this regard as well. You will find their authorities ready-witted and pro-innovations. In fact, this state supports those who are working on projects that can bring more innovations in the lives of Estonian public