10 Future Technologies That May Change The World

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In my views, technology, already has become one of the most crucial elements of our lives. Each day we are getting ourselves more and more indulged into this. Our days and nights are passing peacefully as we have all the very best manifestations of technology along with us. As an instance, consider your life without a fan or cold water. Today, we have every possible thing that can help us in raising our lifestyle and living standards. In fact, the pace at which things are growing is even more enjoyable. In the future, I believe we are going to have even more impressive stuff. Let me name ten technologies that are looking potent enough to change the entire world in future!

1. Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM)

Many are predicting about success and helpfulness of this technology. The United States of the America is going have their first ever GLM installed next year. Many already are giving very positive reviews about this technology. The biggest advantage of GLM technology is its use of instruments capable of informing and alarming us about tornados, storms and other weather changes promptly

2. Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam)

The University of Arizona and Lockheed Martin are jointly working on this project. It is going to be a camera that will be able to take photographs of young galaxies.

3. Hypersonic Travel

The tendency of moving five times faster than the speed of sound is known as Hypersonic Travel. A lot of work is already going on making it possible for travelers. After its availability, it will make it possible for humans to move ahead to their destinations at a speed near about 7000 Km/Hr.

4. Weather Control Devices

I have heard several rumors about some secrets projects where scientists from developed countries like the United Kingdom and the Unite States are working on weather control devices. If it became possible then the same would be used as a weapon. Thus, the after effects can be devastating.

5. 3D Printing

Well, we already can see some fun 3D printing around us. However, its use in the field of medical sciences can bring real change. Today, people are trying to use this technology for the manufacturing of organs so that they can replace the real but damaged organs in a human body.

6. Virtual Reality

We already have this technology working for us in several ways. I believe it is going to dominate in several industries soon. Today, technology giants are fully involved with this technology. In facts, Samsung has their VR Headset on the market already

7. Leap Motion

In recent past, we found some multi-touch enabled desktops. That idea was great, but there were too many issues with it. Now in the future, we are going to have Leap Motion technology. It will make us capable of using our fingers without any physical contact with the screen

8. Eye Tracking

Eye Tribe is the name that comes to my mind whenever I think about eye tracking. This technology Eye Tracking can make it possible for you to control your tablet or other enable devices with the help of your eyes.

9. Parallella

It is a tag name under which a very comprehensive and complicated project is going own. The goal behind the efforts of Parallella team is to develop a technology that can change the way we used to compute. According to them, they are working to help everyone in ending up with a personal supercomputer

10. Google Driverless Car

Well, it is not a joke. The Google is supporting the efforts of development of technology that will be used for making driverless cars.