Increasing Business Productivity with EPOS Stock Control

EPOS is also known as Electronic Point of Sale System. This plays a vital role in Epos Stock Control. As many agrees, this can be a huge deal for most businesses out there. This can be operated starting from an interface which is a simple touch screen. Each and every staff member will be able to understand this. That is for sure. With this, it is not surprising how productivity increases in the workplace with the presence of EPOS. Most systems have been user friendly. This will enable employees to work and this will happen without spending so much time. Mistakes are unlikely to experience too. This is ideal for a busy restaurant, bar, or shop. For as long as the mentioned serves clients, this should not be difficult. This can be really efficient.

The system is always …

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IT Support Liverpool: 5 Great Companies in the Business

Being one of the biggest cities in UK, IT support Liverpool sector has a huge demand not only among businesses and commercial sector but in the residential areas as well. There are many companies providing IT support services in the area. Some of them have been in business for quite some time and therefore have the experience and survive on client’s trust while others are new but innovative and sometimes with better service quality. Overall, there are several professional companies for IT support Liverpool. Here, we briefly talk about 5 IT support companies in Liverpool and discuss their strengths and competitive edges.

  1. MCS Professional IT Support

MCS provides several kinds of IT support including, but not limited to, website hosting, email hosting, server installation, PC repairs, upgrades, backups and anti-virus solutions. MCS has been in the business for more than …

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how transformers work

Using transformers in technology

Power transformers are an essential part of making electrically driven equipment work properly. Transformers can work on both a large and small scale meaning they are used in all walks of life.

transformer-150x150Often larger kva electrical transformers are found in larger applications such as electrically driven ship motors but we also see them being used in the everyday Personal Computer to step the home voltage down from 240V to 12V. Transformer manufacturers such as RBaker Ltd are leading the way with their innovative designs and reinvestment back into research for different industry areas.

Although more commonly associated with the National Grid they play an important part in making smaller technology work too.


Ultimately if you electronics project or your TV were not able to receive the correct voltage then nothing would work properly.

For more information regarding how technology …

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How to choose the right IT Support Company

In this fast moving world the internet and the computer is playing a very important role. In fact, a discontinuation of few hours of the services can lead individuals and businesses to great troubles. Thus, keeping yourself and your business guarded with the best IT support services is an important thing. I believe, an average user do not have a tendency to deal with the IT related technical issues. A single or a few wrong steps while working with your computer, servers or the networking infrastructure can end up easily in a buzz! There are many ways of keeping your IT infrastructure in a great form. Well, I believe it is something that definitely requires the involvement and attention of a professional

What is an IT Support Company?

An IT support company is the kind of a company that work …

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10 Future Technologies That May Change The World

In my views, technology, already has become one of the most crucial elements of our lives. Each day we are getting ourselves more and more indulged into this. Our days and nights are passing peacefully as we have all the very best manifestations of technology along with us. As an instance, consider your life without a fan or cold water. Today, we have every possible thing that can help us in raising our lifestyle and living standards. In fact, the pace at which things are growing is even more enjoyable. In the future, I believe we are going to have even more impressive stuff. Let me name ten technologies that are looking potent enough to change the entire world in future!

1.    Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM)

Many are predicting about success and helpfulness of this technology. The United States of …

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How did Estonia become a leader in technology?

Estonia perhaps is a country about which most of us do not have much information. The tiny estate is situated in northern Europe facing sea at its one bank. There are not more than one and a half million people living there. However, this small country is known for its significant steps in the digital advancements. Today, Estonia is an excellent success story of modernization. Their efforts for active and objective integration of technology in the matters of daily life has made them an inspiration to others. You may find it weird, but it is a fact that it’s Estonia where people were allowed for casting their votes employing electronic devices almost a decade ago! Today I have decided to shed some light on the ways by using which this small country achieved such a big target!

It is the

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